Warning: Kittlens at play

From the DJ Booth

I am going to be amalgamating several dozen other places where I post, in order to put everything in one place.  Many of the posts are going to be adult oriented, so think of this as your warning.  We'll see where we go from here.  Maybe, I'll even be able to buy a domain.  This … Continue reading Warning: Kittlens at play


One Step

As I type this, my hand hurts. Loads. I had jammed my finger when I was taking a course in a trade, and it hurts like a dickens still, but of course, that was yesterday. See, I found a place that was offering for their clients, and in-house staff, forklift training for a literal song.  … Continue reading One Step


I fill out forms and more forms and even more forms, as I drive myself into a tizzy.  The very needed certificate to prove I took a course years ago has been printed. With this tiny slip of paper, I am suddenly employable.  Irony....it's been so long since I took the course and test, that … Continue reading Whoops