Warning: Kittlens at play

From the DJ Booth

I am going to be amalgamating several dozen other places where I post, in order to put everything in one place.  Many of the posts are going to be adult oriented, so think of this as your warning.  We'll see where we go from here.  Maybe, I'll even be able to buy a domain.  This … Continue reading Warning: Kittlens at play


Thoughts 14 days in

New Years was 14 days ago and I haven't posted, so I thought I should hop to it. The new YMO place in SL has been hopping. Almost all hours of the day, someone is on the sim, and I'm not just talking me, pole sitting on an RLV trap, looking down at everydrone around … Continue reading Thoughts 14 days in


If I could save time in a bottle...I was working when Spitfire popped up on discord. "He's gone. I did what I was told to do yesterday, as far as I dared post for her. Then spent the rest of my shift in shock.There's never enough time.